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Smith College Tournament

 Sunday 4/16/23

Smith College

Northampton, MA  01063


WAIVER click here to download


See directions below


U14  FCU Team 1

Arrive 8:00 am  

Game 1: 8:30 am  Field 3 (White Jersey)

 Game 2: 9:30 am  Field 1 (White Jersey)

Game 3: 10:30 am  Field 3 (White Jersey

 Game 4: 11:00 or 11:30   Game time and field dependent on record



U14 FC United Team 1

Lily Brickman Kaitlyn Coyne Joanna Eken

Valentina Fuentes

Leila Gross Valentina Fuentes Emily Kalarchian Ava Lawlor
Cate Puxxuoli Sophie Stimpson Robyn Wilmot  



U14  FCU Team 2 

Arrive 8:00 am  

Game 1 -8:30  am  Field 3 (Red Jersey)
Game 2 - 9:30  am  Field 3 (White Jersey)

Game 3: 10:30 am  Field 1 (Red Jersey) 

Game 4: 11:00 or 11:30   Game time and field dependent on record

U14  FC United Team 2
Olivia Anderson Maddie Cassidy Matilda Davenport Anna DiCristofaro
Lily Dunne Ellie Evans Lilah Golden Bella Habeck
Caroline Saunders Sofia Steinmetz Lucy Steinberg  



U16 Red

Arrive 12:30 pm  

Game 1 - 1:00 pm  Field 3  (Red Jersey)
Game 2 - 2:00 pm  Field 3 (White Jersey)

Game 3: 3:00 pm Field 3 (White Jersey)

Game 4: 4:00 pm Field 1 or 3 ( Jersey)


U16 Roster
Kimaya Agarwal Morgan Blacksberg Consuelo Bowman Kate Burbank
Alex Dellasalla Julia Jakkubcin Em Krolick Maddie Morgan
Penelope Noorgaard Maggie Parker Maddie Shingler

Caroline Wade

Syndney Warner Kira Woolsey    


U19 Red 

Arrive 12:00 pm  

Game 1 - 12:30 am  Field 3  (White Jersey)
Game 2 - 1:30 pm  Field 3 (White Jersey)

Game 3: 2:30 pm Field 3 (White Jersey)

Game 4: 3:30 pm Field 3 (White Jersey)

U19 Roster
Rocio Alava Kendall Bahl Thea Fairhurst Allie Falzone
Chloe Holden Rachel Kelly-Walsh Issy Mann Brigitte Middleton
Sienna Myers Carys Samos    



From the South: Northampton is on Route I-91 in Massachusetts. Take Exit 18, and follow Route 5 north into the center of town. At intersection of Route 5 and Route 9, turn left onto Route 9 (Main Street).  Go straight through 4 sets of traffic lights, turning left into Smith's main entrance ( College Lane) shortly after the seventh set.   The office of Admissions is on our right, overlooking Paradise Pond. Parking is available next to the office or along Route 9.

From the North: From I-91 South, take Exit 20, and follow onto Route 5 south into the center of town. At the intersection of Route 5 and Route 9 (Main Street), turn right onto Route 9.  Then follow same directions as above from Rt. 9.

From the East or West via the Massachusetts Turnpike: Northampton is on Route I-91 North (Mass Pike exit 4). Once on I-91, follow the directions above for visitors from the south.


You can park in LOT AA in grid E2 The turf field is located just above in grid D2.
We will have access to the fieldhouse with bathrooms for all.  We will have access to ice and bags if needed but are not providing First Aid. 
We ask that only players and coaches access the turf,  all others should remain outside of the fenced in turf area.  There is plenty of room around the turf on the hillside to find a 'home' for you club inbetween games. Please keep food off of the turf. 

Parking Map


      We will be offering concessions throughout the day. 
      An EMT will be present all day, she will have a cooler for ice and can help with basic injuries and assessment. If needed Cooly Dickinson Hospital is a fast 5 min drive from our field.