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Rutgers Indoor Tournament

  •  2700 Hamilton Blvd,
  • South Plainfield, NJ 07080



Parents ARE allowed to watch games.   There is a viewing area where parents to watch ONLY when their daughter is playing.  No parents allowed on the court.  EVERYONE must be masked the entire time.  Players, parents, coaches.  No one is allowed in the building without a mask.  Also spectators must leave the facility between games and can return for the next game.



U16 White 

Arrive: 11:50 am  SHARP
 Game Times 12:10 - 2:45 pm


Game 1: 12:10 pm   Court 1 (RED Jersey)
Game 2:  1:00 pm  Court 1 ( RED Jersey)
Game 3: 2:15 pm  Court 1 (RED Jersey)


Tracy Balzarano Bea Davenport Hayden Katz Rachel Kelly- Walsh
Gigi Mazzilli Julie Hovers Brigitte Middleton  




U16 Select 

Arrive: 12:05 pm  SHARP
 Game Times 12:35 - 3:00 pm


Arrive 11:30 am  Sharp!!

Game 1: 12:35 pm   Court 1 (RED Jersey)
Game 2: 1:25 pm  Court 1 ( RED Jersey)
Game 3:  2:40 pm  Court 1 (RED Jersey)

 U16 Select  Roster

Adelia Bandsma Hollye Caffrey Claudia Kuhse Juliette Patricot
Charlotte Lee Sienna Myers Lexi Suman