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FC United (FCU) is a field hockey club team re-established in 2007 that offers indoor play in the winter and outdoor play in the spring/summer for elite field hockey players in CT and NY.  We pride ourselves in offering an exceptional field hockey program with high quality and experienced coaches in the area. 
FCU believes that there are many talented field hockey players in Connecticut and New York and strives to provide these players with the extra training, skills and exposure to high quality competition that is needed to move on to the next level of field hockey play. FCU also holds players to a higher standard than any other program in Fairfield County.  
Our Mission
FCU was established to provide an environment for elite athletes who want to improve their field hockey skill base. Various levels of training are offered to accommodate the different skill levels of the individual players.  
Characteristics that FCU looks for in elite players: 
  • The desire to work hard and better themself 
  • The ability to be a team player 
  • The ability to perform skills under pressure  
  • The ability and confidence to neutralize a player in a one–on-one situation  
  • Dedication to success with a fierce desire to achieve goals  
  • High level of endurance  
  • Speed, mobility, and coordination   
  • Exceptional understanding of the game (on and off the ball)  
  • Coachability  
  • Commitment to the game and respect for teammates
  •  Ability to accept constructive criticism
In addition to “on field success”, in just five years the club has helped produce field hockey players who have received both FCIAC and CIAC State Awards and who have been recruited by both Division I and Division III colleges to continue their field hockey careers.  In addition, FCU members were recently honored by the CIAC for their academic achievement. College coaches throughout the United States have come to recognize FC United as a premier program with gifted student-athletes who are athletically and academically prepared for the most rigorous collegiate programs.   

Elite Club Benefits  
•         Top coaches with international experience  
•         Year round training   
•         Individual skill development  
         USA Sponsored Recruiting event participation  
•         National Tournaments 
•         College Recruiting guidance 

Elite Club Training
Members will train four times a week: two skill sessions with team members to further develop skills and prepare for match play including tournament play, and two strengthening and conditioning sessions to condition and prevent injury. Training sessions will be one to two hours each.   

Playing Opportunities
In addition to the national level tournaments and college recruiting showcases, the FC United Club participates in several local leagues and tournaments to offer the student-athlete year round comprehensive training and experience. These playing opportunities allow club members to compete with the best field hockey players in the country.  This elite level of training for both the individual and team will better prepare members to improve their personal skills.  FC United will also provide opportunities for players to participate in college recruiting showcases. 
To be good at anything, one must do the work required to succeed.  FCU provides an environment that enhances a student-athlete's chances for improvement.  We understand that this is only a part of the whole person; however, since our teams are limited in number and we are selecting the top elite field hockey players in Fairfield County, we expect 80% commitment to all practices, conditioning sessions, and tournaments.  All fees must be paid in full prior to the first practice.  Financial Assistance available if needed.

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