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Frequently asked Questions:

Who do I direct questions to in FC United?

Kelly Vegliante:

111 Colony Road
Darien, CT 06820
Please read carefully the information below, as most questions will be answered.
Can you explain the age categories for U12, U14, U16, and U19?

Your age for the entire calendar year of 2016 is determined by how old you are on or before 1/1/2016.

  • U-12 | 2005-2006
  • U-14 | 2003-2004
  • U-16 | 2001-2002
  • U-19 | 1999-2000

All athletes may play up one whole age division at USA Field Hockey Events and Sanctioned Events. 

What if I am an 8th grader and I turn 16 before January 1st 2016?

In our program we understand that you will be competing against Freshmen and Sophomores for positions on the U16 team and, therefore, be at a disadvantage due to your birthdate.  In the past, we have been able to accommodate most 8th graders on our U14 team by agreement of tournament directors to allow continued play.  Most of our U14 tournaments are not USFHA sanctioned events where this rule applies.
If this applies to you or your child please email me.
Can anyone play for FC United?  What is the process to sign up?

Absolutely.  We are an elite club program and are looking for serious players to commit to our program.
We hold tryouts every season (winter, spring, summer) with registration listed on home page of this site- follow directions from there.
Please note:  our winter session is our most competitive as tournaments are 5 v 5 so teams consist of only 12 players, we are also confined to gym space in the winter.  We do make cuts, especially in our winter season.  We do encourage players who might get cut in the winter, to try out again in for the spring and/or summer sessions as we are able to accommodate more players outside.
What is the difference between indoor season and outdoor?  Is equipment the same?

The indoor (winter) session is played on a hard surface with 5 players on the court at a time.  It is a faster game where player's stick skills and reaction times are improved immensely.  
An indoor stick and lighter ball is required, shin guards and mouth guards as always-most players also use indoor protective gloves.  Indoor sticks and protective gloves are available for purchase from the club prior to the first practice. 
Do I have to travel?

Yes, yes, yes. 
This is a travel league and a travel commitment.  The most competitive teams in field hockey are located in NJ, PA and VA.  In order to compete with the best, we travel.  We make every attempt to prevent overnight stays for tournaments.
What do I get for my registration fee? Are there extra fees throughout season?

The best coaches in the area.  Gym/field rental fees, tournament fees, coaches travel fees, administrative fees, equipment fees are all included in registration.  There is a one time uniform purchase fee.*  If any additional recruiting tournaments come up, there may be an additional fee associated with that, however attendance would be optional to this kind of event.
Is there always a tryout fee?  

Yes, there is a $50 tryout fee.  This is applied to facility rental and coaches.
How are teams chosen? Can my daughter be on a team with a friend for carpooling?

Coaches assess players abilities in practice and teams are assigned on that basis.  No requests can be honored for team assignment.  Most age groups will be practicing at the same time in the same location.
What if I can't make a tryout date?

All players are encouraged to make all tryout dates as it gives the coaches more opportunity to assess your play.  Please notify me via email if you cannot make a tryout date-ALL PLAYERS MUST STILL REGISTER AHEAD OF FIRST TRYOUT.  
Players still in season with their High School teams are not eligible to tryout according to CIAC rules; players who fall in this category must still pre-register online to be included on tryout list and then email me-this is of course only applicable to the winter tryout.
What if I need to miss practice?  Tournament?

Players are expected to attend ALL practices and tournaments. Players are required to RSVP to all tournaments using the automated email responder (emails are automatically generated before tournaments directly from website).  Players are excused for illnesses or family emergencies.
I heard that goggles aren't used- why not?  What other gear is required?

USA Field Hockey rules prohibit the use of wire goggles in all USFHA sanctioned events. USA Field Hockey does allow the use of approved lens-style goggles.  The club provides face masks for use in corner play.  This same mask can be worn in full play if required for medical reasons.   Players must also have mouth guards and shin guards. Most indoor players also wear indoor protective gloves.
What is the program fee? Uniform fee?

The program fee varies per season and rates can be found on Home page and/or when clicking through to registration online- a full description of fee plus likely practice days/times and location are included here.  

*The Uniform fee of $150 is a one time purchase of uniform which includes 2 jerseys, skort, 2 socks.

We use the same uniform for each season every year.  If a player loses or outgrows a uniform, you must purchase part or replace all.

Fee associated with replacement:
Whole Uniform:  $150.00
Jerseys (set of 2):  $80.00
Skort:  $25.00
Socks:  $10.00 ea- need black and white
Practice pinnie:  $25.00
When are practices?

See individual season information
College specific- HS SENIORS pay attention for summer only



Briefly located here is clarification for COLLEGE v. U19 registration AND age clarification for other league groupings- will be found on FAQ's subsequently:

***Sign up for COLLEGE if you are currently IN YOUR SENIOR YEAR OF HS or       are already enrolled in/attending College